Approach to Design

Safal Profitaire 3 


The interiors Design works of Canna Patel can be understood at various levels.  Simply defined, an interior designer’s role is to take the end product of an architectural design and render the space functional for its ultimate purpose, be it residential, recreational or corporate.  Such a seemingly simple aim allows for myriad possibilities partly depending on the designers’ skills and vision and partly tastes and resources of the client.  The end-product is a synergy analogous to high fashion, which either improves the wearer’s status and allure or can have precisely the opposite effect.


As an interior architect, Canna considers her scope of work to as well beyond dressing buildings.  It includes a conscious effort to enhance the architectural forms and spaces, and to avoid smothering them.  The language of design therefore relates to either to specific or generic elements of the architectural vocabulary.